Tino Dobrić

Tino Dobrić is a young musical enthusiast who discovered his passion for electronic music in his early teenage days. Experimenting with music becomes his main hobby, and he is spending more and more time devoloping his musical taste and skills far from the public’s eyesight. Soon enough the word spread around about a young and charismatic DJ and he finally got the chance to show his skills in all the local discos. The environment of a small town he grew up in decreased his professional ambition in music and he decided to give studying abroad a chance. Ljubljana was his city of choice and his musical aspirations floated back on the surface once he found himself in a bigger town full of new and fresh possibilities. There he met DJ Matthew Hoag who recognized Tino’s talent in a spilt second and was overwhelmed by the amount of positive energy coming from the young DJ. The next big thing for him was his guest appearance in Lovable Fairytale show on Proton Radio, after which he arranged some new collaborations and got even more into music production. Shortly after his appearance in Lovable Fairytale show Tino became a member of Lovable Fairytale team and in May 2012 won the Burn Studios Residency Competition in Croatia. He also played at one of the Europe’s biggest electronic festival, EXIT, in Serbia. His musical style is a mix of tech-house rhythms and deep techno, and those who had the chance to hear it, are persuaded in his ability to feel and connect with the audience. The amount of passion he brings in everything he does is colossal and his appearance alone always boosts the club atmosphere. Shortly; Tino is a young promising artist whose uprise is definetly one to follow.