Psihomodo Pop

Psihomodo Pop was formed in 1983. When the lead singer and frontman Davor Gobac left his original band ”Klinska Pomora” to join an underground band called ”Neron”. Soon after Gobac’s arrival ”Neron” changed it’s name to ”Psihomodo Pop”.

The bands sound was rooted in the basics of punk rock, which has remained their primary musical reference till today. In early years Psihomodo pop made it’s name on the zagreb’s rock and roll scene with ferocious live shows resembling the ones from the Ramones, Iggy Pop and the Stooges , the Rolling Stones and others. The band soon created a big following and gained a cult status in Zagreb but remained in demo status for five years because of their un- compromised attitude toward music and scene expression.

Finally, in 1988 they released their debut album ”Godina Zmaja” (The year of the dragon) establishing themselves as one of the brightest young stars in the ex-Yugoslavian rock scene. The hit single ”Ja volim samo sebe ” (I’m in love with Gobac) was voted song of the year in a number of surveys . The debut album also features a series of classic tracks like ” Frida”, ”Ramona” , ”Nebo”, ”Kad sam imao 16” wich remain a big part of PMP’s live shows till today.

The same year Psihomodo Pop played the ”’Grote prijs of Netherlands” ( The Grand prix of Netherlands) competition and was voted among the six best bands among 600 that entered the competition. This success didn’t go unnoticed, as band was approached by Marcel Vanthil, a host on MTV Europe . Vanthil played the video of the english version of ”I’m in love with Gobac” ih his show making Psihomodo Pop the first rock and roll band from behind the iron coutain to be featured on MTV. The bands succes on ”Grote prijs of Netherland” also resulted with a Nethelands tour that saw the band perform on many legendary stages (Paradiso, Milky way..) and the release of a live album ”Live in Amsterdam” in 1989.

In 1990. The band leaves for a three month long tour of the former USSR, performing around 60 sold out shows. The tour resulted in a release of a tape ”Birliant video Psihomodo Pop”. Those recordings also feature on a compilation record ”Zg rock forces live” along with other Zagreb rock and roll greats like ”Prljavo Kazalište”, ”Film” and ”Parni Valjak”. The crown of the year was opening for the lengendary Ramones on their concerts in Ljubljana and Zagreb. The release of a second studio album followed. ”Sexy Magazin” put the band to the tops of the charts and established them as one of the greats on the Croatian rock scene.

1992 brought the release of a third studio album , ”Tko je ubio Micky Mousea”featuring among others, number of children’s punk rock songs. The albums biggest hit was the song ”Volim crtane filmove”, a cover of ”Oh Oh I Love Her So” by the Ramones.

By the end of 1993 the band released another studio album, ”Srebrne svinje” , featuring hit singles ” Osjećam se haj”, ”Natrag u garažu” and a cover of the Rolling Stones classic ”Starfucker”. The video for ”Starfucker” was directed by then unknown Radoslav Jovanov Gonzo and set new standards for quality in the production of music videos in Croatia. The video received the Octavian award on Zagreb film festival and a Porin, the biggest music award in Croatia ,for the best music video. In 1995 one of the founding members and authors, Saša Radulović Sale leaves Psihomodo Pop and a new member is introduced, a keyboardist and saxophone player Jurij Novoselić Kuzma, known for his work with new wave legends ”Disciplina Kičme”, ”Film” and ”Haustor”.

In the end of 1995. Psihomodo releases ”Unpljugd”, a n unplugged best of collection of their previous work.” Unpljugd” was the commercially most successful release of Psihomodo Pop and the acoustic version of ”Natrag u Garažu” (video was again directed by Radislav Jovanov Gonzo)reached tops of the charts in Croatia. The album created a real ”psihomodo mania” and was followed by a sold out tour.

The next album was released in 1997. and was named ”Sextasy”. ” Sextasy wasn’t only an audio recording, but an interactive CD with info about the members and games. The cover was done by design studio ”Božesačuvaj” and received a Porin for the best cover. Hit songs from ”Sextasy”, ”Mila” and ”Bože čuvaj psihomodo” reached number one in many Croatian music charts.
In 1990. Psihomodo put out another live album ”Eine grosse hit parade” recorded in a Maribor club ”Štuk”. The following year The band released another studio album, ”Debakl” wich featured four singles, ‘Debakl’, ‘Baby’, ‘Duga Devetka’ and’Cijeli Sam Od Stakla’. In 2001 ”Debakl” received a Porin for the rock album of the year.

On the bands 20th anniversary the band released a double- best of album. The first CD contained a series of hits from the past 20 years and the second featured unreleased tapes, mostly from the bands demo phase.

2004, brought another studio album by the Psihomodo Pop called ”Plastic Fantastic” featuring hit singles ”Linoleum Boy”, “Daj Mi Pusu”, “Lagano Padam” and “Baš Kao”.

In 2006. The band releases a DVD compilation of ”Tekućih dvadeset”. The DVD contained all the official music videos and other video material of the past 20 years.

During 2008. Psihomodo recorded 12 new songs for their next album ”Jee jee jee”, named after the song ”Jee Jee Jee”, a cover of the punk rock icons the Vibrators. The release date was 17. of February, 2009. the birthday of Davor Gobac. The album featured yet another hit single, ”Domovine sin”.

The most recent studio album ”Čiribu Čiriba” was released on 22.2. 2014. And was celebrated with a hidden gig in the famous Zagreb club Sax among the most faithful fans from the region. The show was recorded, by Igor Paradis, in one take and was shown on ”One take film festival” as the first rock and roll show recorded in one take ever in Croatia. The hidden gig in Sax also announced the celebratory concert ”Neograničeni rock trajanja” in the celebration of the 30 years of Psihomodo Pop. ”Čiribu Čiriba” featured theree singles. The song ”Donna” was number one on the charts for 12 straight weeks, with ”Baby” and ”Ona ludo pati” also being one of the biggest hits of the year and also singles Substance and Bunim se.

For album Ciribu Ciriba they received 5 Porin award. For best video for Donna and Bejbi, Band with vocal, best Rock album and Best album.

2016. 3/4/5.12. sold out concerts in DK Gavella they celabrate 20 years from Unpljugd in Gavella 1995.

During over 30 years of playing on the stage they played 2 times with Ramones in Zagreb and Ljubljana, Iggy Pop & Stooges on island Krk, 3 times with Billy Idol in Skopje, Belgrade and Zagreb, Blondie in Varaždin, Asian Dub foundation, Simple Minds, UK Subs.

• Godina zmaja (1988.)
• Live in Amsterdam (1989., uživo)
• Sexy Magazin (1990.)
• Tko je ubio Mickey Mousea (1992.)
• Srebrne Svinje (1993.)
• Unpljugd (1995.)
• Sextasy (1997.)
• Das Beste aus der grosse Hit Parade (1999., uživo)
• Debakl (2000.)
• Tekućih 20 (2003., kompilacija na dva CD-a)
• Tekućih 20 (2004., kompilacija video spotova na DVD-u)
• Plastic Fantastic (2004.)
• The Ultimate Collection (2007., kompilacija na dva CD-a)
• Jeee! Jeee! Jeee! (2009.)
• Ćiribu Ćiriba (2014.)